Hello to all CIBKers and Roadies everywhere! This is your captain speaking. CSUCI’s second semester has begun which means Spring 2017 Road Season is upon us! Time to squeeze yourself into some skin-tight spandex and lay down some watts in the name of collegiate sports.


That’s the spirit, Gio!

We are coming out of what was a great Fall Mountain Season, and I hope to keep that momentum going as we venture into the spring. We are planning on attending 4 Road Races this semester:

  • UCSB March 4th-5th
  • UCSC March 25th-26th
  • Stanford April 8th-9th
  • Cal Poly SLO/Sea Otter April 20th-23rd

If you would like to race with us make sure you come to our meetings Wednesdays at 7:30pm in SUB 1080. Collegiate racing is very valuable as it allows those with less experience a good place to get started in racing, as well as offering amazing opportunities for more seasoned racers. Last year we had members on the team who had never raced before, as well as some strong riders who represented CI at Collegiate Nationals! Our team has a supportive environment no matter your level and I encourage you to come ride with us.


Repping CI at UCSD last season!

Throughout the semester we will be posting race updates and recaps on the blog to keep you in the loop! Make sure to follow @CIBK on Instagram and @CSU_CIBK on Twitter to know when new posts go up. The Website will also have up to the minute updates sent from Twitter on all club events for those who don’t have an account.

See you at the start line!