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About Racing

The CSUCI Bicycle Kitchen competes in races sanctioned by USA Cycling. We compete in the Western Collegiate Cycling Conference against other top Universities from California, Nevada, and Hawaii.
Western Collegiate Cycling Conference
USA Cycling
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Currently, we have racers competing in all available collegiate disciplines: Men’s and Women’s Mountain, Cyclocross, and Road. We are always looking to expand, so if you are interested in racing please let us know.

Are you interested in riding at a competitive level against other west coast universities? Bicycle racing is an exciting and challenging sport that incorporates strength, fitness, coordination, strategy, precision, endurance, guts, and most of all, mental fortitude. The races that the university competes in are divided up by gender and ability, so novice riders, please don’t feel intimidated! The club fields both a mountain bike racing team as well as a road racing team and encourages both men and women to compete.

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Calendar ID: csucibicyclekitchen@gmail.com

Road Season

During the Spring Semester (Jan-May) the road racing season is in full effect. Training season will begin in the Fall to ensure adequate conditioning. Training is also done during the race season itself, focusing more so on things like intervals and form in general. On race weekends expect to travel for a maximum of 3 days (Fri-Sun). Usually staying in a hotel. Typically we will compete in a road race on Saturdays, and a criterium race on Sundays. To learn more show up to our meetings or email: csucibicyclekitchen@gmail.com. Recording your miles using sites like RideWithGPS.com and Strava is heavily encouraged in an effort to track your progress.


Mountain Season

During the Fall Semester (Aug-Dec) the mountain bike racing season is in full effect. Training is a must during the summer time! When the Fall semester begins we offer organized mountain bike rides for those interested in riding and training with us. Typical race weekends last 3 days (Fri-Sun), usually in the form of camping. Racers have the opportunity to compete in 4+ events: Cross Country, Downhill, Dual Slalom, and Short Track Cross Country, etc. Only the surliest will compete in multiple events! To learn more show up to a club meeting or email: csucibicyclekitchen@gmail.com.

Cross country – TBA
Short Track – TBA
Downhill – TBA
Dual Slalom – TBA

Racing Sponsors

Newbury Park Bicycle Shop np-logo

Thanks for always helping CIBK out. Whether we need new bikes or we’re fixing our old ones, you always know what to do. Your knowledgeable staff always keeps our bikes running in perfect race shape. If we ever have any issues, we always take our bikes to NPBikeShop. Thanks for being such an awesome sponsor. We appreciate everything you do for us!

1602 Newbury Rd, Newbury Park, CA 91320
(805) 498-7714

Latino Market & Grill    LationoLogo.png

CIBK would like to thank our sponsor Latino Market. They offer us a Latin American grocery store with a counter serving tacos, burritos & other Mexican eats. Which is great for starving college students. We love grilling up your meat when we are out at our races. Your food is amazing!

711 Thousand Oaks Blvd # 2, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
Located in: 7-Oaks Plaza
http://www.latinomeatmarket.com/  (805) 379-4116

How to become a CIBK Sponsor

CIBK is an active, social, community service based and student-lead club.  We welcome any opportunities to collaborate with community partners. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for our club please contact us at csucibicyclekitchen@gmail.com